One of the best things about dining at The Tomlin is being in the presence of this angel:

That’s not a lightbulb above her head, it’s a halo.  See?  Angel.

Mel was born and raised in Thunder Bay and then went to Toronto to study at an arts school.  She returned to her hometown and kind of just “fell into” the service industry.  

Mel has worked at several restaurants throughout her career and has been at The Tomlin for about eight months.  I remember seeing her when she first started.  Despite being new, at the time, her years of experience were evident! 

Mel just exudes professionalism and intelligence.  She carries herself with confidence and joy and I wasn’t kidding when I said Mel is one of the best things about The Tomlin dining.  She treats all her diners equally.

Mel is recently married to her partner whom she met about five years ago at a hip hop show.  They had an instant connection and wondered why they hadn’t met and become best friends twenty years ago.  

They are loving married life and Mel is really enjoying being a step-mom to a kind, compassionate, and respectful young teenager.

I asked Mel what her favourite food was and she said, pasta!  Then she waxed poetic about her Nonna’s homemade pasta with homemade sauce!  Apparently the next best thing is pasta from The Tomlin!

Whatever you say, gorgeous angel, whatever you say! I shall eat anything you recommend!

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