Here’s another young lady whose busy schedule is absolutely baffling to me!

How do you do it, Nancy?  Tell me how!

Nancy spent much of her childhood in Toronto before relocating with her family to Thunder Bay.  She graduated from the Education Program at Lakehead University and spent many years as a professional “career woman” before getting married and becoming a mother.

Now that she’s married and a mother to two, Nancy is still very much a professional career woman!

She is a photographer and copy editor at the Walleye, she is in the board of directors at Roots to Harvest, and she is a public relations and communications officer for Parks Canada.

See what I mean?  Where does she find the time?!

Nancy is also kind enough to message me when she notices a typo in the blog posts.  Which is, like, every single time!  You can take the girl out of the copy editing room (is there actually a specific room?), but you’ll never take the editor out of the girl!  It’s ok, Nancy!  Never change!

As you can see from the above photo, Nancy enjoys good coffee from local bakeries, looking cute, and talking to babies!

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