The first time I saw Ryan was over a decade ago as he (frequently) whooshed past me around the Lakehead University campus.  

I always thought the same thing when I saw him whoosh: “There goes that handsome prof, he’s always in a hurry!”

A few years after graduation, I saw Ryan working at Chapters.  It turns out he was a student at the same time I was, just going to school, just zooming around campus, taking art and English classes, and becoming a teacher. You know, the usual.

Oh, aaaaand he’s younger than me.  

Ryan spent several years after graduation working at Chapters and as a supply teacher before securing full time employment at the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority.  He is the community stewardship and public relations officer; as far as I can tell, he does a great job!

In the picture, Ryan looks thrilled because I let him stand beside my front porch ghost, Ghastly. 

Ryan also writes a movie review column for the Chronicle Journal, which is incredibly fun to read if you’re a movie junky like Ryan.  

He’s also a big superhero fan (he loves superman), a connosoir of fine food, a music lover, and a talented aspiring photographer.  

In his spare time, Ryan loves to hang out with his lovely wife and adorable cat.

Ryan’s cat is named Emily.  If you remember anything about this article, please let it be Emily-Cat.  Animals with human names is one of the best things ever!

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