Here she is, sister to number seventy–three!

I think Sarah is the quieter and more reserved of the two sisters, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less fascinating and talented.  I think she can be a bit silly too.

I honestly don’t understand how Sarah manages to get through each day because she always seems to have something on the go!  She’s so busy!

On top of chasing after two young kids (and a handsome husband), Sarah also teaches aerobics classes part time and is doing very well as a real estate agent.  

I know this because Sarah sold my house for me.  In two days!  

Ok, it might have been a bit longer than two days, but believe me when I say it was quick!  Sarah is definitely a person you want fighting in your corner!

One of my favourite things about Sarah (besides how ridiculously adorable she is) is how close she is with her sister and mom.  I always wanted a sister and it warms my heart knowing the two of them get along and spend lots of time together.

And with their mom! 

Here’s a quick little guest appearance from momma Barb!

Any mom that will take a selfie with her child, is ok in my book!

Please consider letting Sarah sell your house for you!

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  1. They are wondrous women ~ awesome family!! Know their mom well~would love to have had her as my mama!

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