Think back, think waaaay back!  Remember that sweet Italian beauty named Giulia?  

Oh man, what an honour to have her as the very first feature on this blog!

It’s time to meet a few more of the sassy cats of Calico!

Sheena and Alexis are the brains behind the coffee beans and have been co-owners since the beginning.

Calico has been open for eleven years now!  It seems like such an integral part of down town Port Arthur that I can barely remember a time when it wasn’t around.

But I guess it wasn’t around twelve years ago…

It’s a three-for-one kind of day!


One of the co-owners.  A Lakehead University graduate. Hard working mother of two.  She is easy to talk to and extremely dedicated to her craft.


I’ve only seen Alexis at work a few times but she is as professional as her business partner, Sheena.  She is also a Lakehead University graduate and is a very active dog-mom; she has FIVE dogs!  I can only imagine!


Amanda has worked at Calico for seven years now and is a comforting presence to the regulars.  She’s set to take some time off this summer as she’s getting ready to give birth to her first child.  She’s going to be such a great mom,with her zen approach to life and her calming voice.  Amanda is also a very talented vocalist and I foresee some delightful lullaby singing in this lady’s future.

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