!!!International Women’s Day!!!


If you’re looking for a magical experience that will have you completely in tune with the sacred feminine, then look no further than Stephanie and I am Apothecary.

Stephanie is hilarious and bubbly and adorable and an absolute champion for women everywhere!

Stephanie has been studying aromatherapy and Wicca for years and has been doing tarot readings out of her home for a long time too.  

More recently Steph has completed reiki training and opened an office in downtown Port Arthur.

The first thing you see when entering the inner sanctum is this big beautiful life-affirming and artistically pleasing vagina!

Stephanie actually painted this!

Such a large colourful vagina right at eye level might seem jarring at first, but it’s important to remember that this (the vagina) is the beautiful and sacred space from where all life enters into the world.  

Stephanie celebrates the vagina and the feminine in all shapes and forms and understands how strong and resilient women have to be sometimes.

Having said that, Stephanie also has great appreciation for beards and the masculine lumberjack aesthetic.  

I mean, wooooooo, you should see her gloriously bearded fiancĂ©!!  He’s quite lovely!

And so is Stephanie!

What an elf!

She’s holding a hand crafted felt vulva, of which she makes many, and even holds vulva crafting workshops!

Other goods and services available at I am apothecary include Reiki, Tarot readings, aromatherapy, and various products, such as herbal steamers, for purchase.  Stephanie tries to organize several educational and crafting workshops throughout the year too.

Work space:

If you’re at all interested in the services Stephanie offers, it would behoove you to make an appointment.  

Stephanie may be bubbly and talkative but being in her presence is calming and relaxing.  You will leave feeling uplifted and peaceful.

Stephanie is a champion for women and ALL humans.  She is accepting and non-judgemental; the embodiment of safe space.

From one woman to another, thank you Steph, for all that you do.

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