This young woman wasn’t JUST born.  

She burst forth from the Mount Olympus garden of Dionysus, completely fully formed and ready for adventure.

She is so adorable and so full of life, I just can’t stand it.

Tree spent her first six years in Thunder Bay, spent fifteen years in Winnipeg, and is now back in the bay, all ready to be all adult-like and grown up.

Just kidding!  She’s a silly little imp who loves to talk, loves to eat, and loves to cuddle up in her sushi-patterned pyjamas and watch movies.

Tree is a huge devotee to body art, such as tattoos, piercings, and bold hair colour, and is currently working as a line cook at Bight and the highly anticipated El Tres.

One day Tree hopes to open her own restaurant where she can bring farm fresh food to people from all walks of life.

Tree also has another dream, this one is perhaps a tad more puzzling.  She wants to track down every location in which her earth-mummy has been intoxicated, travel to said locations, and take a shot (the alcoholic kind and photographic kind). 

Tree desires photographic evidence to prove she has consumed alcoholic in the places her mother has been drunk.  It’s sort of a journey back in time, if you will; a sojourn of self discovery.  

I think I can confidently say that Tree’s mommy is pretty proud.

A young woman of many faces.  

Tree enjoys life and rises above all obstacles.

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