This woman is an inspiration to many. 

She’s sitting on my couch there, looking out the window.  She looks serious but I guarantee you she’s thinking inspiring thoughts.

Vanessa was born in Matheson, a small town in Northeastern Ontario.  She came to Thunder Bay, like many people do, to study at Lakehead University.

Vanessa graduated from the engineering program and is now a structural engineer.  I’m not totally sure what that means but I think it’s pretty clear Vanessa has a brain!

So… not only does she use her brain to make a living, but she also uses her body!  Vanessa is so incredibly strong and fit and spends some of her spare time coaching cross-fit.  

Up close, speaking one on one to Vanessa, she’s delightful and easy to talk to.  But you should take a minute to realize that she could quite likely lift up your entire body and launch it like a shot-putt.  

Vanessa’s favourite song is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.  I love this because it embodies the way she lives her life.  After becoming a single mom a few years ago, Vanessa decided to try and learn the piano.  She wanted to see if she could eventually play her favourite song.  Isn’t that awesome?  She wanted to learn something new and expand her mind.  This positive outlook led to finding love anew and living life to the fullest.

Can a person ever truly be summed up in a few paragraphs?  

No, of course not!  

But I think we’ve been given a delightful little glimpse into the life of this woman named Vanessa.  

A strong mind and a strong body; the fun-loving partner, the patient mom of two sons, and the compassionate mom to two ten-year-old rescued dogs.  

Vanessa refuses to quit and she doesn’t stop believing.  Inspiring.

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