Some newcomers to the city!  

Oh my goodness, my teeth hurt because these two young women are ultra sweet!

On the left, we see Alicia; on the right, we see Louisa.

My partner and I were dining at In Common one evening and this adorable couple was at the table beside us.  

I can’t remember why I started talking to them… why do I start talking to anyone, right?  It just happens!  

But they shared their brownie dessert with us.  And it was then that I decided I loved them madly.  

Will I ever see them again?  

It doesn’t matter, it’s true love, baby.

Louisa spent six years in Toronto running The Sony Centre, a popular music venue.  She had the great privilege of seeing Prince’s final performance before his passing.  Now in Thunder Bay, she’s working in finance for Jones and Associates.

In Toronto, Alicia worked for DHX Media doing quality control.  She basically got to watch cartoons every day!  How fun is that!  Now, in Thunder Bay, she is doing clerical work at the hospital and working part time at Hey Sailor.

They love going to music festivals, finding fun places to eat, and being slightly obsessed doggy-parents to their little chihuahua and their geriatric cat.

Louisa was born and raised in Thunder Bay but moved to Toronto about 14 years ago. Toronto is where Louisa and Alicia met and where their love story begins.  

And now they’re here! I’m so glad they’re here too because I believe it’s important to fill this city with dynamic young people full of zest and zeal!  

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