In the fall, I wanted to get a group of friends together for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed photo shoot.  Scheduling and budgeting issues pushed my idea into the new year and then to the end of March.

My friend Scotia was booked to do makeup but had her own scheduling conflict at the last minute.  She suggested Ashley as a possible replacement and after some back-and-forth, we locked in the deal!

What a good choice!  I was so happy to have Ashley be part of my day!

Professionally, Ashley has been doing makeup for about six years.  After high school, she actually attended Lakehead University and completed the nursing program.  Ashley’s a nurse!

But makeup and makeup artistry was Ashley’s true passion.  She has spent years experimenting, watching makeup tutorial videos, and amassing a huge collection of tools and products. What Ashley can do with a palette and brush is truly amazing.

Ashley transforming Jay into the mad hatter:

Ashley transforming Shelley into the Cheshire Cat:

After my transformation into Alice:

For the past three years Ashley has been based out of the Curl Up & Dye hair salon.  

There she can give you the look you need, whether it’s for a costume, a fancy party, headshots, or a wedding.  

In some cases, Ashley can also come meet you and your group at a different location, like a few weeks ago when she met me and my group at The Chanterelle on Park Ave.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her partner, tickling her three cats, traveling, fashion, and coming up with amazing new looks containing bright colours and lots of sparkle!

It was so fun to spend a few hours with Ashley and watch her work; she was so accommodating to our needs and took such joy in sharing her creativity with us.

Ashley’s gifts and talents are quite obvious and it’s going to be fun to follow her career.  I imagine she’s going to have a pretty busy future!  I also imagine I’ll be hiring her again soon!

Please visit Ashley’s business page here!

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