I feel like there’s been a lead-up to Brian, first in our discussion about Busker Fest, then in meeting a couple employees last week.

I mean, look at this: 

I’m taking a picture of Uriel and there he is, right there in the background, just smiling away.

Which is really quite funny because Brian is not a background person!  He likes to be DOING things!  He has ideas and projects and he is not content to just sit back and let the world go by without him.  No way.

However, that doesn’t mean little jobs are beneath him.  He has no problem rolling up his sleeves and getting the little menial tasks done.

This is a scene you might see upon entering Brian’s coffee and sandwich restaurant, The Bean Fiend.  I really like the candidness of that picture.  But we went with a more posed one as well…

The Bean Fiend has been open for many years and Brian really has done a good job building it up and making it a staple in the Bay/Algoma area.  The coffee and food are equally delicious and the staff I’ve encountered have all be friendly and enthusiastic.

Brian loves living in Port Arthur and really tries to do what he can to make the city flourish.

Brian also loves his daughter, his family, traveling to far away places, tattoos, his canine companions, and investing in local talent.

Keep up the hard work Brian.  I’ll be stopping by for another delicious buffalo chicken wrap soon!


  1. Great place the Bean Fiend, Good people ,great staff and even a big smile from the owner when u see him. Brian is awsome and his efforts with the music scene in Thunder Bay is stellar, great job my friend keep up the good work.

  2. Very supportive gent~creative, innovative, neighbourhood helper:many times you can see him and his snow shovel assisting peeps along the street, he gives all he can to ensure a daily smile, giggle as you slurp a delicious Americano! So glad you popped him to the front Leah~keep on writing girl!

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