She’s kinda silly!

And yes, that IS her real name: Caitlynd!

You’re thinking, whaaaat!!??

Well, there’s two stories to this name.  The first story is that the name is of Celtic origin.  

Okay, that’s kind of open-ended, but a lot of Celtic names are a bit different than the average North American is used to. 

The second story is that Caitlynd’s parents were adorable teenagers when she was born and had yet to master the art of spelling.

There might be an element of truth to both stories, but the most important thing to remember is that Caitlynd’s little brother and sister call her Kiki.  

And that’s adorable!

I don’t have baby brother/sister privilege so I’m going to call her Cait!

Hey Cait, you’re looking great!

Cait moved to Thunder Bay a few years ago for the nursing program at Lakehead University.  To make extra cash, Cait is a barista at Calico.  I’ve seen her at work and she’s definitely a hard worker.  

I haven’t seen her on campus but I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s a great student.  While we’re making assumptions, let’s keep going and assume Cait’s going to be a great nurse as well! 

Cait loves great food, mixing up interesting beverages, and loves to have indepth conversations with her cat, Tina.

Cait has amazing taste in music and loves to let the melodies transport her to romantic and/or faraway places and times.  

I’m with you girl: blasting the oldies while enjoying a glass of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

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