Who owns these socks?

Oh that would be none other than Chantal:

I like Chantal because she’s super short!  I guess there are a few more reasons though.

She is extremely hard working both inside the home and outside the home.  Chantal is mom to three and stepmom to one and spends a lot of time ferrying her children to school and to activities and friends’ houses.  A mother’s work is never done.

Chantal’s day job is managing an outdoor gear store called Mountain Warehouse.  One of her biggest talents, besides friendly customer service, is merchandising.  She can set up the store products in visually appealing ways and she takes a lot of pride in creating an environment that really appeals to consumers.

Chantal is also pretty creative!  She enjoys dressing up in funky costumes for photo shoots, creating creative theme bedrooms and play areas for her kids, and has recently started painting!


Who owns these shoes?

That would be none other than Andrew:

Andrew is Chantal’s partner.  He’s very funny and very friendly.  I think he might like My Little Pony too…  Oh, and beer.

Andrew is a member of the very  popular local band, The Married Singlemen.  They play a terrific mashup of rock, reggae, and blues, and always have a pretty steady following of fans.  

When he’s not rocking out, Andrew is painting.  Creative painting with Chantal, but also house painting.  He could paint your living room for a reasonable price!

And then of course, there’s the kids. Father to one and stepfather to three.  These cuties definitely have their hands full!

As you can see, they were getting ready to party on Saint Patrick’s Day.  Chantal and Andrew don’t actually get out for too many date-nights, but it makes the occasions they do go out seem extra special.

I love seeing these smiling lovebirds together, with or without a green wardrobe!

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