You can’t help but notice this beautiful young woman when dining at Nook.  

It’s very true that the amazing food is distracting and delectable, so I can understandingif you’ve   never actually noticed Emma.

But I notice everything!  

Emma is so lovely and incredibly kind; it’s delightful to just be in her presence. 

In the biggest “no kidding” of the century, Emma has done modeling work for many local photographers. She’s also a music student at Lakehead University.

One day, while brunching at Nook, Emma had us all in stitches about some restaurant related hilarity.  She glanced up and gestured to a bundled up figure passing by the window.  She said, “There’s my sister!”

Really?  Your sister just randomly happens to walk by your place of employment?  

What are the odds?

Pretty good I guess if you live in the same neighbourhood!

And seriously?!  

These sisters are literally breathtaking!  Like, I can’t breath!

Older sister Alia studied psychology at the University of Ottawa and is back now, working at Roots to Harvest as the urban agriculture program coordinator.  Alia works with some amazing people and I have it on good authority that she is a magestic goddess who loves to frolic in the dirt.

These amazing young women, and their younger brother, were born in Windsor but grew up in Thunder Bay.  

Our city is lucky to have them here, giving life and vibrancy to the city!

And one final thought:

Emma’s cat is a beast!

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