When I see Giselle posing here for me, the term “classy dame” comes to mind.  She’s a striking beauty from the past.  She belongs in a fashion magazine from 1956.

I heard a rumour that Giselle has a twin sister, but they look nothing alike.  Maybe I’ll find this mysterious twin one day and add her to my collection of people…

Giselle’s parents are local business owners so Giselle knows what it’s like to work hard in a customer service field.  She’s been working at Calico for a relatively short time, but  she’s already proven herself more than capable.

Giselle is gearing up to take pre-health in post secondary and is enjoying living on her own as an adult for the first time.  Well, not TOTALLY alone of course.  She has a terrific roommate and two puppies named Opal and Lulu.

It’s clear (because of her job, obviously) that Giselle loves coffee.  Second to coffee, she has a special place in her heart (and her tummy) for pizza and sushi.  

Giselle loves spending time with her boyfriend and loved finding new and interesting bands.  Her roommate says Giselle always seems to know about the newest and coolest musical acts.

This is usually how Giselle serves coffee.  I most definitely did not ask her to sit on the counter.

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