If you brunch at The Sov on a Sunday, it’s very likely you’ll be treated to some sweet tunes specially chosen by a very special guest DJ.

While sipping on an amazing blackberry jam mimosa, I saw a young woman in a lace dress walk by.  

A lovely vision, passing me on the way to the front of the restaurant.  I had to follow her because I was very intrigued about someone who could look so effortlessly flawless in white and not spill an entire order of breakfast poutine down her front.  

Very impressed.

I learned the woman in white was none other than Katryn, supportive fiancée and manager to DJ and musician Jake!

Jake is relatively well known around town as a singer/songwriter; he performs quite frequently at a variety of venues and events.  Sometimes he sings, and, as you can see from the pictures below, sometimes he is spinning vinyl!

I heard Jake sing at Red Lion back in October at the multiple-venue event, The Hunger.  

I remember thinking he had a real Tom Waits vibe.  Taking that into consideration, it’s clear that Jake’s musical stylings aren’t for everyone.  But he’s interesting and different.  There’s a lot to be said for someone who can cultivate a unique presence on the stage.

Katryn acts as Jake’s manager in music and, as Jake laughingly admitted, his manager in life too!  It was lovely to watch these to smile and share jokes as they grooved to the music.

These artistic lovebirds pursued post-secondary education at Lakehead University, studying art and music!

Katryn is the owner and a teacher at North End Karate Club.  I’ve heard from several people how skilled she is.  Don’t let the white lace dress fool you because this woman has a black belt!

Thanks for letting me take pictures of you two and good luck with your August nuptials!

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