I snapped this picture of Kristyn as she was helping out a fella named David at an art show.  

We just might be meeting David at a later date…stay tuned.

But look how beautiful she is!  Such a unique style and a lovely smile!

Kristyn was born and raised in Thunder Bay.  As the youngest and only sister in a house full of kids (three older brothers!), this girl grew up tough and unwilling to put up with nonsense.  She can definitely be silly, but she is strong and capable and refuses pushed around.

Her strength and resilience is quite evident when watching Kristyn at work.  

Not that I watch her at work all the time.  I don’t!  I only saw her once!  

Though I did watch her a bit because I’m nosy and she’s lovely.  

Kristyn is one of the managers at the Foundry and carries herself with kindness and confidence.  She has an aura of “don’t mess with me” and that’s pretty necessary when working late nights in a bar atmosphere.  

Kristyn has her Honours in English and French from Lakehead University.  She is currently working on a long-term plan involving hair school and opening up her own salon.

One last thing to leave you with.  I have it on good authority that Kristyn occasionally wakes herself up with a loud snore!  I just want to say, I feel you girl, I feel you.  I do the same thing sometimes!

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