This fella right here, was born in a far away land called Fort MacMurray, Alberta.  

He moved to Thunder Bay as a child, but later returned to British Columbia for awhile.  He also attended university in Brandon Manitoba (he has a music degree) but again, returned to Thunder Bay.  

Kyle just really loves it here!  And he’s a pretty special dude!  His biggest supporter and number one fan is his mom; she’s incredibly supportive and they have a terrific relationship!

Kyle is well respected around town by other people who are not his mother too!  

He can play just about any intstrument he picks up but his main focus is on the guitar.  He frequently plays acoustic shows all over town and occasionally has back -up in the form of his friend Harris.

This hard working guy gives it his all whether he’s up on a stage or behind a bar!

If you see Kyle play live, chances are you’ll hear him do a song called “I ain’t going back to Old Fort Mac.”  That’s proof right there that Kyle is done with his wanderlust and wants to stay right here.  

With us.  


Naaahhh, who knows.  Maybe he’ll strap on his guitar one day and start touring the country.  Maybe the travel bug will bite him again!

Look at this precious mug though!

That there is the face of musical genius.  That there is the face of a man who downplays his amazing musical abilities.  He might not let on how talented he is, but rest assured, we know.  

We aaaalllll know.


  1. I know this here guy personally! Ha! I have known him since he was a toddler! Kyle, his Mom ,and his Grandmother were part of our extended Family! My son was his Big Brother while he was growing up ! He is a multi-talented, hard-working responsible citiizen of Thunder Bay! Two things the great article failed to mention is that Kyle has a wonderful sense of Humour and he is Funny!!! As a little “peanut” he was forever reading us jokes (ad neauseum) or entertaining us with his Magic Tricks, which were hilariously performed! Most Importantly Kyle is Affectionate and Kind! He recently helped an immigrant Family in Thunder Bay by offering to deliver pamphlets for them to advertise their business. The care he has given his Grandmother over the years is beyond compare . Thunder Bay, you have been lucky to hold on to this Lad! I am so proud of him and recently met him at a Plaza near him home and he rushed over for a spontaneous hug! He made my Day! Gail Mickelson!

    1. Author

      Wonderful comments! I could never capture all the wonderful was that is Kyle!

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