About seven years ago, Kylie was cruising through life and having fun!  But she just wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.  Did she want a career or did she want to move far away?

Kylie found herself expecting a baby and was understandably quite nervous.  Most mothers, whether expecting a planed baby or a surprise baby, can sympathize with the nervousness.  

While pregnant with her son, Kylie was, essentially, forced to stay still and find roots.  She needed to stay in one place to grow a healthy baby and then be in the same place while she was a mommy to a newborn.  Having a baby forced Kylie to slow down and decide what she really wanted to do in life.

It was in these quite moments that Kylie was able to truly concentrate and make plans.  The sewing and selling of handmade clothing was something Kylie enjoyed and was good at! 

Look at her now!  Look how far she’s come!  In her own store!

I remember when Kylie first started out, she was selling her clothes at the Thunder Bay Country Market.  That seems like such a long time ago!

And now, six years later, Kylie has created an empire.  

Or at least she’s created the potential for an empire.  

From the market to a store on Algoma Street, Elfarrow Apparel has become a household name in this city.  How long before people across Canada are desperate for Kylie’s designs?

Kylie divides her time between Thunder Bay and Nepal, where she has employees and a production facility.  She works hard designing new pieces and ensuring that her employees have fair wages and safe working conditions.

Kylie: the kind-hearted friend, a talented entrepreneur, the devoted mother, the creative soul, and the passionate spirit.  

The light shines from within this woman and bursts out into the atmosphere.  The positivity is overflowing and it’s definitely contagious.  


  1. I found Elfarrow on a visit to Salt Spring Island in August. Imagine my surprise when I learned that it was originated in Thunder Bay!! Imagine the surprise on the faces of the clerks when I said that I had grown up in Thunder Bay (many years ago). Loved the clothes, bought some, and brought them home to Nova Scotia. Maybe your next shop should be in Wolfville NS😉

    1. Author

      Wow, from Thunder Bay all the west, to all the way east! Elfarrow is spreading across the country!

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