You know when you’re sitting at a bar (with your boyfriend), but you still can’t help talking to the man beside you?!

I assure you that I wasn’t trying to pick up a second fella, but how was I supposed to NOT talk to someone with a British accent?  

I mean, he was RIGHT beside me!

Hello Mark, nice to meet you!

There was a time, almost two decades ago, when Mark called Guildford home.  Situated in the Southeast Surrey region of England, Guildford is slightly bigger than Thunder Bay and is littered with beautiful buildings and a lot of history.  You know, pretty much like every city in England.

In the year 2000, Mark packed up his life across the pond and moved to Thunder Bay to be with his girlfriend.  And yes, as a matter of fact, that did fizzle out rather spectacularly!  

But it wasn’t long before Mark found love anew.  He was actually trying to leave Thunder Bay after struggling with finding a permanent job.  New love trapped him here and I really do think it’s Thunder Bay’s gain.

Mark has since completed a commerce degree at Lakehead and was recently married to his lady love at the Marina.

He is now a cross border accountant for the NHL.  Every day is an adventure.  Even the days where you’re just trying to have a quiet brew at a nearby pub and some talkative red-head won’t leave you alone.

Thanks for talking to me, Mark!

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