I think a lot of people in town know Mary!  Here she is!!

Oh, pardon me, that’s her butt!  

Ok, try again:

That’s more like it!  

Look at that gorgeous face!

This picture was (obviously) taken on Saint Patrick’s day a couple hours before Mary went on stage to perform with first The Married Singlemen and then The Bay Street Bastards.  

Or maybe it was the other way around?  

No matter!  The point is, Mary rocked so hard on Saint Patrick’s Day.  That isn’t a surprise because Mary always rocks it.  

I’ve been told that Mary is one of the best vocalists in town.  Her voice is powerful and strong; she can sing anything and sounds fabulous doing it.

Mary studied early childhood education in College and spent many years as a nanny.  I can imagine young kids just love someone so full of life and boisterous good fun!  And I bet she’s impressed most of little kids with her extremely loud belches.  Mary sings loud, but I think she burps even louder!

It took me about a week to make the connection between Mary and her sister, Sarah, also known as thirty-eight. 

Sarah told me back in October that she had a sister named Mary who is a singer; the contrast between their personalities is quite amazing.  One is quiet and studious, the other is loud and gregarious.  It’s fascinating!

In addition to older sister Sarah, Mary is also baby sister to four other older siblings.  No wonder she has such a powerful voice!  The baby of the family always needs to get herself heard!

We hear you, Mary, and we like what we hear!

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