When I’m out and about, I often see these two people together.  I think they like each other.


She’s the lady part of this equation.  

Born and raised in Thunder Bay and is a great mom to her young daughter.  Meagan works at The Growing Season (South Algoma) and Bight (the waterfront).

She’s obsessed with baseball and even has a favourite player: Josh Donaldson, third base player for the Blue Jays.  

Meagan is also something of a sommelier and loves a really good bottle of wine.  In a rather fun sort of juxtaposition, she enjoys pairing fine wine with seedy dive bars.  It’s a great way to stay humble I think.

Let’s talk about the man part of the equation now.


An incredibly famous musician here in Thunder Bay!

Hmmm…. is he famous?  I don’t know… Maybe he’s famous to his young daughter!

But he’s a great guitar and bass player.  For real.  His band, Shitty Dates, is so good. Their live performances are quite enjoyable!

Harris also occasionally plays guitar for a musician named Kyle Shushack.  We will likely meet Kyle at a later date…

Harris has been working for Canada Post for about a decade and delivering the mail house to house for about six years.  A few years ago, he even delivered to mail to MY house!

For the past 12 years or so, Harris has been hosting a radio show on LU Radio, 102.7 fm.  You can catch Showcrastination every Thursday from 6 to 8pm.

You’ll likely catch these two as well, if you’re out and about in the downtown area.

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