Have you ever dropped your phone and smashed the screen?  

Of course you have!  

Only every phone owner in the world has done that at some point or another!  

But you don’t have to despair or cry alone in your pantry.  There’s a solution!  And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either.

The solution is this guy-smiley!

His name is Matt.  

He’s kind of a genius when it comes to fixing computers and phones and other personal electronic devices.  

In this day and age, almost everybody has a smart phone or a tablet.  Sadly, in our disposable and consumerist society, these items just aren’t built to last.  It’s such a shame, but Matt can help and he HAS been helping for about five years now!  

His shop, Matt Carr Repair is located on Algoma Street, across from the Bean Fiend.  

I had never actually met him when he popped in to get a coffee earlier in the year.  But of course his reputation around town is legendary.  I had definitely heard of his repair shop and I’d only ever heard good things.  No joke.

Interestingly enough, Matt graduated from the Education program at Lakehead.  I think he quickly realized that his computer skills would be a vital skill to this community and he just went with it.

In his spare time, Matt loves to hang out at camp and has recently adopted a rescue pup named Odin.

The name Matt is clearly synonymous with success in this case.  Not just in business but in life as well.

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