You know what’s fun?


But you know what else is fun, on a day like today, when the city is under three inches of ice?

Pretty handmade jewelry!!!

I laid eyes on these babies during the last craft revival event in the fall.

Then I laid eyes on this baby!!  

I mean babe!

No!  I mean, talented, hardworking, and intelligent young woman!

I follow Olivia on Instagram because I cannot get enough of her style and aesthetic.  Her pictures are like perusing a very glossy design magazine.  

Beautiful decor, lovely handmade crafts, projects, and jewelry, beautiful clothing, amazing travel pictures.  

Part of me doesn’t want to accept that Olivia is a real person.  But I have to.  She was sitting right there.  Just being adorable and selling jewelry.  In the flesh.  It was all real.

Olivia has recently finished up a year of being the Arts & Culture editor for The Argus at Lakehead University, a job to which she was obviously well suited.

Olivia used to be a baker at Sweet North Bakery but is now slinging dough at Both Hands Wood-Fired Pizzaria and Bakery.  

This is one amazingly talented and creative young woman!

Olivia’s favourite bands are The Lumineers and The Arkells.  She loves coffee and freshly baked bread; she loves vintage globes, vinyl, adorable rabbits, and bright colours.  She loves spending time with her fantastic boyfriend, sometimes traveling the world; sometimes cuddled under a blanket watching movies.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find Olivia at the upcoming Craft Revival on May 7th!

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