These two?  I love them.  

Is that creepy?  

It’s true, we aren’t close friends.  More like, friendly acquaintances with history.

Per is the one on the left; Johnny is the one on the right.

People like them AND love them!

I met them in 1997, in Grade 9.  I had several classes with both Per and Johnny throughout our five years of high school; I can honestly say I never had a negative experience with either. 

What we have here are two genuinely nice guys that have only continued to get better and nicer as the years go by.  

Every time I run into Per, we have a great conversation.  Every time I run into Johnny, he asks me if I remember him from high school.  Then we have a nice catch-up conversation.

Not only are these friendly faces a joy on their own, but running into them as a team just warms my heart so hard.  

I love that Per and Johnny are still friends.  Friends since elementary school, no doubt they will still be friends in 50 years. 

In the past decade, both of these strapping young men have gone on to find love and establish fantastic careers.

Per is married to his long-time love (a blond bombshell) and has an infant son.  He is the owner of several large downtown buildings and is forever busy with renovations and business building.

Johnny is also married (to another blond bombshell) and has a young toddler daughter.  He is a lawyer and notary public at an established and successful downtown law firm.

I hope I can keep seeing these smiling faces around town for years to come.  

I love that they’re living life to the fullest and truly living the dream.

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