Let’s go back to Elfarrow Apparel.

I met Seija in the summer, when I was still getting used to the idea of my marriage ending.  At that time, we bonded over the fact that we were both mothers to three kids.

Meeting up with Seija again in the new year revealed another similarity: we both had marriages that ended after a ten year period.  This isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it did give us a lot to talk about.  

What a cathartic experience it is to speak with someone who’s journeyed a similar path.

Seija has been helping out with Elfarrow Apparel since the early days but has officially been an employee for two years. 

She is an incredibly kind and helpful person and loves finding the perfect outfit for her customers.  She knows how to find clothes that look good on all body types.

Seija has also spent many years studying natural and holistic remedies and is now a practicing reflexologist at Red River Acupuncture.

I loved talking to Seija.  She’s a kindred spirit and a beautiful person.  She is living on her own and learning to strike a balance between being a mother to her kids and living a life of truth and authenticity.  

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