I asked Shannon if she was new at The Sovereign Room.  Turns out she’s been working there, off and on, since it opened.

Well.  I’m embarrassed.

Haha, just kidding!  It takes way more than that to embarrass me.

Shannon has been working less at The Sov in the last year though; she’s been busy with a professional day-job!  For just over a year, Shannon has been working for the city as the public art coordinator.

Please do not yell at Shannon if you hate public art installations and colourful murals.  You can contact the city directly if you want to complain.  That’s not a quote from Shannon, mind you, that’s from me.

I asked Shannon if she had any pets and she replied, “I have plants!”  She didn’t say whether or not her plants are house-trained though.  We’ll just assume that they are.

I also asked Shannon what she likes to do in her spare time.  Her eyes got a dreamy far-off look and she said, “My CCM Galaxy bike.  I call him The Galaxy.”

Shannon seriously loves her bike and absolutely revels in the warmer days when she can ride from morning until night (when she’s not working).  

I’m pretty sure I heard Shannon whisper dreamily as she cleared s table, “My bike is my boyfriend now…”

You’re adorable Shannon!  I wish you and the Galaxy all the happiness in the world.


  1. Love this beautiful inside and out woman.

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