I follow this woman on Instagram and then found her in the real world a few weeks ago.  It’s always funny when that happens.  I know who this person is, but I don’t really know her.

But I do know that she’s very nice (though much quieter than me, many people are) and she has two young daughters: a toddler and a baby.

Shannon and her husband have been married almost 6 years but together for 10 years. 

She was born in Southern Ontario but has lived in Thunder Bay for most of her life.  

On top of being super busy with young children, Shannon just finished w history degree at Lakehead University.  In fact, she walked across the stage to get her diploma while seven months pregnant!  I love that image!  Way to go, momma! 

Prior to staying home with her babies, Shannon worked part time at the LU library circulation desk.  And it was her favourite job ever!  I think I can understand why. Being surrounded by thousands of books would be so wonderful!

A dog named Chocobo and a cat named Clio round out Shannon’s happy little family!


  1. Hehe, Shannon and I used to work together at the LU library and she’s right… it WAS the best job ever!!

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