Well well well, look who we have here!

Little Miss Prankster! 

I’m saying that because Tabatha told me she likes to play pranks on her boyfriend.  

Once again, the idea of being pranked by a loved one makes me soooo uncomfortable! 

But they seem to have a good thing going.  I can’t pretend I didn’t find it funny when Tabatha drew a distinctly phallus shaped doodle on her boyfriend’s forehead while he slept.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Tabatha started learning about body modifications in her early teens, probably around age 13.  After graduating high school, Tabatha worked at a few jobs before securing an apprenticeship at Creation Body Percing.

It began in April 2015 and now, Tabatha’s apprenticeship is almost over.  She’s capable of performing pretty much any piercing you could dream up.  There might be a few obscure modifications she hasn’t done yet, but that’ll come as she gets more years of experience under her belt.  

And speaking of under the belt, yes, Tabatha can help you out if you’re looking to acquire a piece of jewelry in a more *ahem* intimate area. 

Of course she can!

I was delighted to see Tabatha and her Cat, Guy, the other day, out and about.  It’s not every day you see someone out strolling the streets with a feline companion!  

Hilarious and adorable!

I’m actually not sure who’s cuter, Tabatha or the kitty cat!!!

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  1. Wonderful ~ she is a precious gal indeed!! Creative and loving. She is a treasure. xox

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