Take a look at this joker!  

Appropriate for the jokiest of days, dontcha think?

We briefly met Uriel a few weeks ago, as a member of the Busker Fest planning committee.  

What wasn’t revealed then, however, is that he’s a trickster and a clown.  

I don’t THINK he actually dresses up as a clown, but he proudly bragged to me about all the pranks he plays on his girlfriend.  Apparently she plays pranks on him too.  It sounds stressful and exhausting to me, but each to his or her (or their) own.

But, uhhhh, hey number four!!! Pranking your girlfriend is a deal breaker!  Just putting that out there…

Uriel studied film at Confederation College and has done some truly fantastic creative work in the last decade.  He’s worked on many different film and photography photography projects and has made many great connections in the art scene.

Click here to see a whole host of Uriel’s photos on flickr.

Click here to visit Uriel’s official business and creative portfolio.

And, of course, like many artists, Uriel tops up his cash flow with a day-job!  Waiting tables and doing odd-jobs at the Bean Fiend!

Oh, there’s that place again!  The Bean Fiend?  Read more about it on Monday!

One of Uriel’s most trusted friends in life is his cat, Kenny.  Uriel simply does not care if you aren’t a cat person or if you’re allergic to cats; he wants everyone to know about the feline wonder that is Kenny the polydactyl kitty cat.

Kenny has his own website.  Yep.  It’s a real thing, people.

I have a feeling it’s Uriel who runs the site though.  You never know though.  After talking to Uriel about Kenny, I was pretty convinced he was a magical cat.

There you have it: artist, photographer, food service worker, prankster, cat lover.

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  1. Uriel~amazing human wondrous soul spirit of precious moments~Uriel xox

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