Don’t be alarmed folks, just another brony here!  

And seriously, if you don’t love ‘My Little Ponies,’ do I even want to know you?

But Vincenzo is cool, people.

Vince for short.

Hailing from the land-locked province of Saskatchewan, Vince spent his childhood skipping merrily through magestic waves of wheat.

He came to Thunder Bay to study at Lakehead University and graduated with a BA in 2015.

While in university, Vince earned money working at many different stores in Intercity.  He is currently employed at The Source and looking to secure additional employment.  Vince is a busy worker and never has less than two jobs at a time!

Several years ago, Vince met his fiancé and has been getting plenty of experience as a step-parent.  Living the domestic family life has always appealed to Vince and it’s clear he’s loving life right now.

Add biting wit and stinging sarcasm to hard worker and domestic bliss, I think this fella here must be the whole package!

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