Here’s a couple’a big Star Wars geeks right here!

I love these people.  

Dave and Arlene!  What a cute couple!

Dave is the man part of this couple and Arlene is the woman.  I figured it was pretty clear, but you never know.  There could have been some confusion though because they are equally adorable.

Dave is laid back and hilarious and super handsome.  He’s a big Star Wars memorabilia collector and also enjoys super heros and other “geeky” pastimes.  

He also likes rocks. 

That’s a very half-assed way of saying that Dave is an archeologist.  North Shore Archeology is Dave’s company: a locally owned full service archeology and consulting company.  The services provided by Dave and his company include GIS mapping, heritage consulting, First Nations engagement, management plans, and archeological assessment of varioys residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

I personally don’t really know what some of that means, but I think it means that Dave likes looking for arrow heads, and he’s smart (way to undermine all his achievements, heyooooohhh!) He attended Western University, University of Saskatchewan, and Lakehead.  Dave is currently pursuing graduate studies at a doctorate level.

Arlene is sassy, incredibly clever, and so beautiful.  

She and her younger sister were born in Southern Ontario but have spent most of their lives in Thunder Bay.  

Arlene attended Lakehead University and has a degree in Biology (specifically DNA) and spent many years working as a scientist. She also spent many years partying! 

Arlene and Dave met several years ago and have a three year old son together (Dave has a daughter from a previous relationship) and are living a quieter life these days.  I mean, they’re still partying their butts off!!  It’s just a slightly quieter form of partying, with a preschooler in the house!

Last year Dave and Arlene spent several weeks in Japan, exploring and sightseeing and soaking up the culture.  Surprisingly, they didn’t really see any Godzilla related products.  Lots of Hello Kitty though!

As their son gets older, Dave and Arlene have dreams of more travel and continued archeological digs.  

Isn’t it lovely when brainy people get together?!  

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