I don’t remember when I first met David.  But I remember my first thought upon meeting him: eyelashes.  


I make no secret of the fact that I desire David’s eyelashes.  And I’m jealous of his facial hair.  

I mean I would be jealous!  

You know, if I was a dude.  

I don’t actually want a beard….

Aaaaannnyway!  David wants me to stop talking about the various follicles on his body.  

Look at him.  Please Leah, just stop.

Let’s focus on something else.  

David is an artist.  See all those prints in front of him?  That’s some of his fabulous art!

David actually went to school for art and has a degree from Lakehead University.  He’s able to make a living doing what he loves and I think that’s pretty amazing!

David grew up with an older brother (who I’ve never seen) and a mom and dad (who I have seen).  I spoke with his parents once, about a year ago.  They’re both beautiful people.  Like, physically.  I’m sure they’re both kindhearted compassionate human beings.  At any rate, they’ve done a superb job raising David into adulthood.

Aside from art, David loves hanging out with his girlfriend and his besties (he didn’t actually use that word but I feel he would approve); he loves dressing up in sweet Halloween costumes, warm vacation spots, and adorable puppies.

Thank you David.

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