Sweet North Bakery is easily one of the best establishments in town to get baked goods and coffee.

On Court Street, near Red River Rd, you’d be in for a real treat if you decided to stop in at Sweet North.

You might be greeted by this smiling face in the front window:

That’s Erinn, the beauty and brains behind the baking!  I love the front row view right into the inner workings of the bakery.  Customers and passers by are treated to live-action mixing and dough rolling; it’s really quite delightful!

As I said, Erinn is the beauty and brains behind Sweet North, but she isn’t the only one.  She has a partner by her side in all things business related and he just happens to be her partner outside the bakery too!  

Erinn and Kris are married and have three wonderful sons.  Imagine raising your kids around fancy coffees, prosciutto soft pretzels, and delectable chocolate truffles… 

I literally can’t even.

I too have three sons.  They’re being raised around a 24 year old pet turtle and furniture I scrounge off the streets.  It’s a bit different!

That is neither here nor there…

But Erinn and Kris are here and there!  

Beautiful people!  Just look at them!

Prior to opening up the bakery, Erinn worked with midwives for many years and Kris worked as a teacher.

Kris is also a talented musician and has toured around and played in many concerts.  I’ve only met him once and he seems perfectly lovely and personable.

I’ve met Erinn several times and she’s definitely lovely and personable.  She always has a kind word for me and my children when we venture inside the bakery in search of chocolate chip cookies and tarts.

Speaking of tarts, May is a month full of all kinds of different tarts at Sweet North.  A different kind of tart every day?  You really have no choice but to try them all.

Sweet North also offers vegan baked goods and they are always delicious!  


I think about how hard this family works and it amazes me.  They are close-knit with a passel of cousins and sisters and aunts and uncles.  They spend time together and love each other.  They wake up each morning ready to face another day of ferrying kids to school and other activities, of family commitments, and of making delicious treats for the citizens of Thunder Bay.  They do it with joy and they do it with strength.

What an amazing example of resiliency, hardwork, and happiness.  Thank Erinn and Kris for all that you do.  And thank you to Erinn for the amazing words of encouragement over the last two years.

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