I mean…umm…beard?

No, that’s not what I wanted to say.  I got distracted.

This is Esa. I had been hearing about him for years before I actually met him.  When I met him it was because he photo-bombed a selfie I was taking of myself and Number 59. And then he whined loudly about how hungry he was so I opened my “mom purse” and gave him a snack.  

To be clear, ‘mom purse’ and ‘snack’ are not euphemisms. I have always have snacks in my purse because of my three monsters, I mean children.

I gave Esa a fruit leather and then he calmed down and consented to being in a photograph.

Esa was born in the far away land of Hearst Ontario, where everybody speaks French and plays outside with all the moose.

Esa’s mom is French and his dad is Finnish, so isn’t it fun that he ended up here on Thunder Bay, surrounded by such a large Finnish population?  But alas, he cannot speak Finnish, save for a few words.  He is, however, quite Fluent in French, as it was his first language.

Before landing in Thunder Bay, Esa spent some time in Sudbury, studying journalism.  His studies then moved to Lakehead University, where he earned a bachelor and a masters in English.

So that tells us he’s pretty fluent in English as well…

What an interesting dude!

Esa has been a forest fire fighter for about 8 years now and has gotten very good at putting out flames.  I hear he’s also pretty good at starting flames when he occasionally sings the national anthem for LU sporting events.  

Get it?  Because he’s a hot commodity and his voice starts fires!  

Yep.  Despite being about 6’5″, Esa here is a little fire starter.  A truly decent human being who genuinely cares about the people around him. 

Thank you Esa.

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