During one of Forrest’s last shifts at The Madhouse, he graciously agreed to be featured here in blog-land.

Upon a cursory inspection, several things about Forrest are quite evident!  For instance, he likes tattoos, he has an amazing beard, and he’s a handsome fella!

But what about below the surface?

You can’t tell from the pictures that Forrest has an adorable pug named Cardi, can you?  


No you cannot.

Forrest was born and raised in Thunder Bay and graduated from Lakehead University.  He’s spent over a decade in the service industry in places such as Boston Pizza, Montana’s, and of course, The Madhouse.

Forrest loves Chinese food, video games, and super heroes (especially Marvel).  He’s a gym rat too and might strike a pose if you ask nicely…

Forrest did a lot of acting in his high school days and is an incredibly artistic person.  He loves creating things (I’ve been told about a door disguised as a book shelf that opens by remote) and he loves making unique Halloween costumes (I’ve been told about a Deadpool/lumberjack combo).

Now is a time of reflection and transition.  Forrest has taken leave of his longstanding food service job because it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter.  

What’s coming next for this kind soul?  More school?  A different serving job?  Something artistic?  Whatever Forrest does will be executed with aplomb and grace and definitely a fair bit of humour.

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