What a character.  

It’s Fritz!  

He’s everybody’s favourite dad!

Fritz is an extremely talented potter…

…he’s holding his coffee cup in the above picture.  His COFFEE CUP, people!

He’s the creator and sole proprietor of Early Snows Pottery.  He creates beautiful bowls and cups and plates and teapots at his country studio on Highway 61.

As a young man, Fritz trained at Lakehead University and The University of Minnesota.  He began seriously working as a potter in 1983 and has been going strong ever since.  He uses a large wood burning kiln to fire all his creations; I’m pretty sure he goes through a few truckloads of firewood every year!

Fritz teaches pottery classes at the Baggage Arts Building at the Marina and has a regular spot every Saturday at the Thunder Bay Country Market.

Fritz lives with his beautiful partner Joyce and is a proud father to one son and one daughter.  

Fritz produces a show on the LU Radio airwaves on Friday mornings from 9-11.  The show is hosted by a mysterious fellow named Earl Snow and the focus is mainly jazz.

I think, if you were to bump into Fritz, he might appear to be a bit curmudgeonly.  But he really isn’t.  He smiles and laughs and he’s really quite charming.  

I mean, yes, he’s an old hippie.  But he’s a nice old hippy!

Look at him smile!!

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Contact : earlysnows@tbaytel.net

See, there’s the cup!  Dude brings his own cup when he ventures out to various coffee shops around town!

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