When I first saw Janna, it was several years ago.  She passed by in a swirl of flowy fabric and a head scarf. So yeah, my first impression was basically that Janna is a mysterious and colourful swirl.

A few years later, I met Janna in person at an art sale.  I then had to accept she was actually a person and not an abstract creation of colours.  

And she’s still rocking the art sales! Selling prints of her ethereal paintings, along with ornaments made from wood and stone.  

She loves hanging out with her boyfriend, going out for brunch, and playing twenty questions.

Janna has been painting since she was a teenager, but began to take art more seriously while completing her social work placement with Willow Springs Creative Centre. There Janna was able to connect with other successful artists that supported her desire to create art for pleasure as well as purpose.

Janna’s family is also incredibly supportive.  Look, three generations:

Janna, Joyce, and Jill! Also known as Janna, Baba, and Mom. 

 It was so nice to see them on the weekend, supporting Janna as she continues to fill up the world with beauty and love.

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