I’m honoured to write about Jen.  Being in her very presence is an honour.

When I first saw her, many years ago, she had a pile of dark curly hair that reached down to mid-back; endearing masses of hair, the friendliest smile, and crinkly kind eyes.  Like Harry Potter’s half-giant friend Hagrid.

I took these pictures of Jen at the November 2016 Take Back the Night event.  This was obviously before the ‘march’ portion of the evening.  Or maybe it was after…

Jen treated a roomful of activists with her gentle tunes and songbird voice.

The pictures are a bit blurry so I elected to swipe a picture I found on the Interwebs:

Isn’t that great?  Jen and her guitar is like Jen in her natural habitat.  Photo by Gerianne Johnson Photography.

Jen has held a radio show on LU Radio for about a decade and keeps very busy with her band at various coffee houses and festivals and other low key events. A musician, songwriter, and performer in every sense of the word, willing and able to be Outside the Lines with you at your event, if available!

In addition to a musical life, Jen works for the UPS Store during the 9-5 daily grind.  

And then, seriously, how does she spend the rest of her time?  It’s a wild and fabulous ride of friends and loved ones, her partner (who will be featured soon enough…), her fluffy feline companions, bonfires, Pride events, making things like picture frames from reclaimed wood, and generally being awesome.

Jen is loud and proud; her laughter and enjoyment of life can be heard six blocks away.  She radiates love and acceptance for humanity; to know her is to know joy.

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