Heeeeey pizza man!

That’s what they call him.

Who’s they?


Jim is well known around town as the owner and operator of Eat Local Pizza.

Jim grew up in Thunder Bay with two brothers and a sister.  He attended Lakehead University but has always been a pizza man at heart.  Jim thinks pizza is the perfect food.

He’s been working with pizza (in pizza?) almost as long as I’ve been alive!  

Hah!  Just kidding, he’s younger than me.

He’s been working as a “pizza man” since moving out of his childhood home at age 18.  He’s just about to turn 33 so you do the math!

Jim realized one of his dreams by opening up Eat Local Pizza at age 26. 

Eat Local has gone through a few transitions since then, as new businesses tend to do.  It was originally a small take-out and delivery establishment on May Street but has since relocated to Red River Road.  They are open every day of the week (till 11on Fridays and Saturdays) and deliver all over the city.

Aside from impeccable customer service, Eat Local is known for their incredible gourmet pizzas in fabulous flavours: jerk pork, cheeseburger, perogies, taco, BBQ chicken, and butter chicken are the varieties I’ve sampled.  Of course, you can also get a regular old pepperoni pizza (or dozens of other toppings) and it’s just as delicious.

I asked Jim to tell me a bit about himself and he said he makes pizza and he’s boring.  Ummm….does this look like a boring guy???

I think not!  

He’s oozing coolness.  

He works hard, volunteers in his sparsely available spare time, and has been known to give away free pizza (to charity events and contest winners).  

Jim is an essential member of this community.  He believes so strongly in building bridges and helping out where he can.  Thunder Bay is so lucky to have him!


  1. I Love it when people who aren’t think that they are dull and boring. Funny why they think that. Anyone who can get up each morning and just do it is fine in my books.

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