Born and raised in Sioux Lookout, Karen has thankfully made her way to Thunder Bay!

Thankfully yes, because she’s terrific!

She spent some time in Kingston as a young adult but eventually returned to Sioux Lookout, where she lived until she met her partner (also known as Number 137).  

I’m pretty sure it was Karen’s partner who lured her away from the North, aaaall the way to Thunder Bay, which is, as you know, slightly less north.

The two of them have been parenting three furry feline children for two years now and are adorable and super happy together.  Seeing them out and about just makes me smile.

I often run into Karen when I’m dining at In Common as she works there, and has worked there for about a year.

Ugh.  Look at how cute she is!  She’s also super nice and so polite.  She’s got a calming and soothing voice which makes the service industry a good fit.

I don’t know if Karen plans to continue working in food service indefinitely, but I do know that she’s getting mighty good at mixing fancy cocktails!

Cheers Karen!  You are loved!

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