It’s Patrick!  He took out life insurance!

No wait, that’s a different Patrick…

This Patrick is super fun!

At Thunder Con two years ago, I approached him and told him I loved his art and was so excited to have hung some of his pieces up in my living room and bathroom.

Interestingly, and perhaps hilariously, Patrick kept walking past me without any acknowledgement whatsoever.  So I had to decide then if Patrick was a colossal buttface or if he was just so distracted by Thunder Con and didn’t even notice me.  

I chose to believe the latter because look at him!  

He’s not a buttface!

Patrick is delightful and personable and hilarious!  He’s so talented and creates amazing prints and other pieces of art.  Every time I see him at an art sale, it’s always so difficult trying to figure out what should be added to my collection.

Patrick was born and raised in Thunder Bay and has lived in pretty much every part of the city. For the last eight years, Patrick and his partner have called Port Arthur home so I guess that ties in nicely with the title of my blog.  

I would have taken his picture regardless of where he hangs his hat.

And speaking of hanging his hat, Patrick spent over a dozen years wearing a really cool bandana-type hat while working as a (pretend) voyageur at Fort William Historical Park.

Patrick attended film school as a young man and then shifted his focus to Education.  He has been working as an educational assistant and a supply teacher for many years now.

And even though Patrick has been interested in drawing since he was a small child, it wasn’t until 2012 that he made his first print.  Obviously he keeps getting better and better.

Aside from art and teaching, Patrick loves fishing and hiking and other activities that take place in nature.  A lot of his art is inspired from pop culture, but there’s also a lot of nature inspired art in his repertoire.  

It’s pretty clear that this recent inductee into the 40 club, is a successful, well rounded, and talented individual.  Add to that the terrific sense of humour and all I can see is winner.


  1. I might be biased, as Patrick is my wonderful brother, but I have to agree – his art is amazing! And being a lucky member of his family – I sometimes am gifted something he has creatively put together. My fantastic brother designed his beautiful fiance’s engagement ring. Which looks stunning on her hand 🙂 I thank you for spotlighting one of Thunder Bay’s most humble, yet very talented, artists!

    1. Author

      He’s definitely humble! And so talented! It’s ok to be biased!

  2. ha ha awesome.. you have to make a couple edits though.. 1. I’m an SSP formerly known as an EA but I’m not a teacher… I do teach printmaking but not an actual teacher.. also 2. which is a really fun fact.. despite my huge level of neediness I have never been to Thunder Con,, not even once.. so you were not snubbed by me at all you just weirded out some random doppelganger dude.

    1. Author

      I can’t believe that wasn’t you!

      Ok, but to bring it back to snubbing, I did send you a Facebook message a couple years ago, complimenting your art. You never responded. So you’re still a big snubber.

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