Here’s a real old timer.  If you ask Paul how he’s doing, he will always respond, “Well, I’m still on this side of the green so I must be doing ok.”

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Paul has lived in Current River for most of his life.  His dad was a police officer and his mother was a homemaker.  It was a big family full of adopted kids and foster kids.  Paul never tires of telling people how his family had one of the first colour TV sets in the city.

Paul spent some time, as a young man, working on the railroad (cue the music) and worked at Abitibi Mill until it was shut down in 1991.  Since then Paul has kept busy doing dry-wall and all kinds of handy-man sort of work.  

He’s skilled and extremely capable; a huge perfectionist when it comes to doing jobs.  He tells me a lot of his work involves cleaning up other people’s drywall and building mistakes.

Paul has a son, a daughter (that would be me), and three grandsons.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and telling ridiculous dad-jokes to anyone who crosses his path.

Paul is 67 years old today, so happy birthday to you, old man!  I guess you’re still on this side of the green for a while longer.

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