Look at this gorgeous woman whose Sweet North bakery breakfast I rudely interrupted!

This is Suzan, the owner of Perfect Fit Lingerie!  

Isn’t it great?  Busy and successful business owners are just like the rest of us!  They eat breakfast rays and drink pretty coffees and use napkins….   

…just like the rest of us!

And like a lot of us, Suzan is a woman, therefore she knows the importance of a good set of kickers and a well fitting brassier.

You can go to Perfect Fit and be fitted by the professional and helpful staff members… I’ve done it!  It’s something that all women should do if they’re curious about a good fit; it was extremely helpful.  

There is a huuuuge selection of sizes available at Perfect fit, from the very small to the very large.  Suzan believes that all woman are beautiful and there’s no such thing as bad breasts.  Whatever your size and shape, Suzan would be just tickled if she and her team could get you into something comfortable.  

I was told that a lot of women don’t actually know their real bra size.  Getting professionally fitted and then purchasing a bra that actually fits will go such a long way in making you feel comfortable in day-to-day life.

Ok, so it’s obvious now that Suzan is aaaaalll about the bras.  But what else does she do??

Well she grew up in Thunder Bay and attended Confederation College.  She used to be the Manager at Winners before opening her own store.  She is married to a teacher and has one lovely son.

Suzan is not only a local business owner but a big supporter of other local business and artists and musicians.  She believes in the importance of small, locally owned establishments working together to make our community better and better. 

And she’s right!  Community and building bridges are key!  Thank you Suzan!

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