When I first met Rick over a decade ago, he was trying to sell his house.  This by itself is very boring but I remember it so well because he told me all the rooms inside were painted bright like a rainbow.

My next memory of Rick is when he, having a show on LU radio at the time, wanted to play a song for my ex-husband and I, on the occasion of our marriage.  

He told us to listen to the radio because he was going to dedicate a song to us.  The song was called “Pooping and Peeing at the same time.”  It was extremely funny, though I’ve never been able to find it since.  Maybe Rick wrote that song and played it on the air!  It’s a mystery!

I remember talking to Rick in the offices of LU radio once and he was telling me that his new lady-love was named Miia.  He said I should be able to remember that because it rhymes with my name, Leah!  How exciting!

And then… what else?

I ran into Rick and Miia at the Farmer’s Market a couple years later and they were pushing a pair of twins in a big double stroller.  At the time, I was almost done my first pregnancy so I loved gawking at other people’s adorable children.

Then Rick and his little family moved away.  

Then they came back!


I saw Rick in the Sweet North Bakery!

I asked him to make me a fancy coffee and told him I was going to take a picture.  Isn’t he cute?

Rick is incredibly kind and so easy-going.  He has an impish little grin and you can tell by looking at him that he’s a bit silly and a little bit eccentric.  

He is an amazing family man, working hard and spending lots of time with his beautiful Miia and their fun-loving twin daughter and son.

I feel pretty good knowing that there’s a Rick in this world and even better knowing that he’s helping to raise up the next generation.

Thank you, Rick.  I just love being greeted by your welcoming hello and adorable smile when I wander into Sweet North.


  1. Oh my this is so spot on! Rick is a very special human being married to the perfect wife raising fantastic smart kids! I love this family!

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