Robby is someone you’ve probably seen around.  I don’t know if he ventures into other parts of the city, but if you hang around downtown Port Arthur, you’ll have seen Robby.

I first saw him at an event at The Red Lion.  He sat down quietly, ordered a beer quietly, and enjoyed the presentation.  Quietly.  

I only mention his “quietness” because it was quite a contrast to how loudly I was conducting myself.

But he is kind of quiet. The world needs quiet people. People that observe and notice things. Robby notices the small beauties in life and captures them with his camera and with the written word.

He is a huge photography fan and has a small collection of cameras that he enjoys taking out and experimenting with.  

When I ran into Robby at Espresso Joya, I could see that he had a camera case with him so I said, let me take a picture of what’s in the case!  I’m glad it wasn’t a giant tarantula…

This camera is pretty special, people!  It even has a name.  Meet Miles the camera.

Robby has been writing poetry and doing poetry readings for several years now.  His writing is sometimes dark and often romantic.  

He began writing poetry to help a relative deal with her grief, and then found that he really liked expressing himself in this way.

Keep observing, Robby.  Keep finding beauty in the small things; keep up the good work!

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