I’d like to introduce you to Sarah.  
Yes, yes, there are a lot of Sarah’s in the world, but none quite like this one.

She hails from somewhere in the unknown wilds of Southern Ontario and came north a few years ago, in pursuit of education at Lakehead University.

Sarah loves hunting.  She and her dad have spent a lot of time together hunting deer.  The first time I met Sarah, she was literally butchering a deer in Number Eight’s kitchen.  

I don’t necessarily want to butcher a deer but I was extremely impressed by Sarah and her knife skills.  She’s also pretty good with a meat grinder.  

Yes, I have pictures.  Avert your eyes if you’re squeamish!

Hmm…looks like I didn’t get a very good picture of Sarah’s face.  You know, to prove she’s more than just a butcher!

Hang on, I’m going to steal a picture….

Ok, I’m back.  

I stole this picture from Number Eight.  He doesn’t mind.

 Sarah is the lovely one in the middle, without the beard.

Sarah also likes exploring nature, splashing in waterfalls, drinking beer; she loves dressing up fancy just as much as she loves kicking back with a cold one while wearing ripped jeans and a hoodie. 

Sarah works for the MNR as a forest fire fighter and occasional works at a local brewery.

I just love when people have such vast and varied interests and pursuits. It’s just so wonderful to see a person like Sarah living life to the fullest.

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