Another DJ for Sunday brunch at the Sov!  

The minute I walked in the joint…

…I could hear the fabulously dulcet tones of The Traveling Wilburys.  

I said, “Boy, just who do you think you are?”  

He said, “I’m Sean!  Do you like these sick tracks I’m spinning?”  

And I said, “You had me at The Wilbury Twist!”

That’s exactly what happened.

Only not at all.

But I did request that he hold up his Wilbury record because it’s one of the best albums ever!

I didn’t really know much about Sean so I decided to bother our mutual Facebook friends for information.

According to my (totally not creepy) research, Sean here attended Hammarskjold Highschool and his hair was a lot shorter back then.

Sean loves music (it would be weird if he didn’t) and has spent many summers volunteering at the Winnipeg Folk Festival.  It’s a great way to give back while enjoying amazing artists from all over the country, and a fun road trip with buddies.

Sean spends time DJ-ing at local bars and restaurants and works at Cathy’s Discount, a quaint little establishment near The Sov.  

Hmmm… do you think it’s possible that Sean can’t actually leave the southernmost tip of Red River Road?

It’s more than possible.  As I’ve never seen him anywhere else, I can only conclude that Sean never leaves Red River.

What an interesting fella!  I hope to see him spinning vinyl again one day. Everybody, keep your eyes peeled for the funky glasses and mane of black hair! 

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