Here stands Vanessa, owner and Operator of Wojo’s Mojo

I feel pretty lucky to have such a great little gem of a store so close to my house.

And, if you were unaware, my use of the word ‘gem’ was a deliberate nod to the fact that Vanessa focuses largely on crystals, gemstones, and a whole array of delightful products designed to awaken your senses and encourage your spirituality.

Vanessa is saying, “Leah, I’m super duper glad you’re taking my picture, but let’s go inside!”

Well of course we’re going to go inside!  That’s where all the fun stuff is kept!

Yes, as previously mentioned, Wojo’s carries a large stock of crystals and gemstones.  You can also find comfortable and flowy clothing, a large variety of crocheted hats and scarves (handmade by Vanessa), incense, Himalayan salt products, essential oils, smudge products,  jewelry, singing bowls, and kids clothing items made by Vanessa’s mom.  

That’s just what I could remember on the fly.  Go have a look around and I bet you’ll be surprised and delighted by all the hidden treasures on the shelves at Wojo’s Mojo.

It’s basically a miniature paradise for anyone interested in holistic, homeopathic, and Wiccan products.  If you’re not interested in any of that, there are still many beautiful pieces of clothing and jewels which are sure to catch your eye.

Did you notice the giant cup of coffee in both pictures?  I can’t be sure….but I feel it’s a good indicator of caffeine dependency on Vanessa’s part…

We all have our vices.  If caffeine is what it takes to have this high-energy and creative juices flowing, then by all means, please, indulge!

I’m always greeted with pleasantness and graciousness when entering Vanessa’s little Algoma Street headquarters.  She will answer any questions you have and help you find any product you might be looking for.  If she doesn’t have what you need in stock, she’ll work with you, to get you what you need.  Vanessa works hard and she truly cares about her customers.

Again I say, what a gem.  Both the store and the owner.

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  1. Agreed! One of my favourite places to shop when I want to indulge!

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