This is Alex.  

You can see that he’s holding my business card.  That’s the card I give out as proof that I’m not just garhering pictures for any sort of nefarious purposes.

I’m totally legit and now Alex knows it.

But I’ve always known he was legit.  Once I had a piercing that was infected so I went to his place of business and showed him and he said, “Yup, that’s infected!  You’re going to need some antibiotics!”

An expert opinion if ever there was one.  


A legitimate professional!

Alex was born and raised in Thunder Bay, with an older sister and three hundred older brothers.  That number may or may not be slightly exaggerated.

As a teenager, Alex became very interested in body modifications such as piercings and tattoos.  He began apprenticing as a piercer at 19 years of age. He grew to be skilled and professional and dreamed of opening up his own business.

About a year ago, Alex and his friend opened up a practice in the downtown Port Arthur core called Identity Tattoo and Piercing.  Alex takes care of the jewelry and hole poking part of the business and two other dudes take care of all the art and tattooing.  I’ll probably find those other two dudes one day and take their pictures.  You know, as a legitimate People photographer.

Soooooo anyway, Alex prides himself on creating high quality custom jewelry made from Niobium.  It has taken him approximately three years to master this difficult-to-work-with material but the result has been nothing short of spectacular.  You can get Alex-made pieces at Identity right here in Thunder Bay. Alex only carries the highest quality items.

Making quality products and providing impeccable service is extremely important to Alex.  He will treat you right if you go see him in his shop.

Alex is also in a band called Don’t You (,) Mean People? where he plays the drums; he loves rocking out on stage and jamming with his fellow band members.

Thank you Alex!  

Keep smiling!  You’re doing a great job!

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